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The Golden Stone

Brian Jones - Eight Days A Week.
I just want to say: Thank you for your blog, a tribut to Brian and... I'll miss your posts. :) you're a very smart and interesting girl :)

Thank you! 
I’m very glad with the information I managed to gather here and I’m glad to leave knowing that great people like you and other Brian Jones blogs will be here still sharing great music and material. And I miss you too!

PS: I don’t really know how to handle compliments, the only thing I know is that they are twice as better when they come from special people such as yourself so thank you.

Your blog and playlist are a w e s o m e

Thank you!
I’ve spent a good amount of time selecting the tunes I wanted in those playlist, finding them online, managing to download from suspicious websites, that kind of stuff. And concerning my blog, it’s basically the same thing but adding a great deal of days and months and years in the process so thank you very much for your appreciation.

Hey, I'm gonna miss talking to you on here :)

Aw, man, I’m going to miss talking to you too!
So many nights and days, those are nice memories.
We don’t have to die for each other, though.
My email is,
you can talk to me there anytime you want :)

Surely going to miss you too,
hugs and kisses.